Donation Policy

Offerings and donations are the mainstay of the income of the trust. The donations offered by the pilgrims are utilized for the creation of infrastructural facilities for the visiting pilgrims as well as for general upkeep and maintenance of the Mandir area. The Trust does not receive any significant financial assistance from the State or Central governments. Therefore, most of the facilities created for the benefit of the pilgrims have been created through the central pool of donations.

How & Where to Donate

Offerings towards the Shrine can be made either in cash or through demand drafts or cheques. Counter have been set up by the trust, so as to facilitate the pilgrims to make donations. These counter are available at Mandir Main Premisis, Central office at Jaipur and it can be directly deposit in Shri Jeen Mata Mandir trust account in Bank Of Baroda a/c no.SSB 25220100009792 at your city. All these donation counters are fully computerized and are manned by trained staff of the trust. Printed manual receipts bearing the trust names are issued to the devotees who make an offering or donation at these counters.

Donation Schemes

In addition to donations through cash or kind, there are also specific donation and poojan schemes in which devotees can participate directly. These have been formulated based on suggestions received from pilgrims and devotees from time to time. Most of these pertain to the creation of infrastructural and other facilities like renovation of the mandir, broadening of mandir area so that more yatris may accommodate and can do the mata ji s bhavaya darshans from back also, yatrinewas, Shelter Sheds and other welfare activities.

Donation in Kind

Donation in kind broadly comprise two types. The first type consist of jewellery, precious stones, chunnies, saries and cholas, which are donated by the devotees after having darshans.

Donation of Skills

Presently only donations in form of Cash, Cheques, Demand drafts and kind are received and accepted at trust office. However, there are a number of prospective donors, who are professionals in their own fields and are always willing to offer their skills and services for the development of Holy Shrine.

Donate Online

Donations are an integral part of Religion. Since time immemorial both the terms 'Donations' and 'Religion' have been used together, so much so that they have become synonymous to each other. And what else can be a bigger fortune than to be of service to the Great Goddess, the Mother of the Universe, by offering something at Her Lotus Feet. The Mother Goddess has taken an incarnation in the form of Mata Jayanti(Jeen Mata)  in Kaliyug (Age of darkness).

Note: Online Donation is under process kindly check it after some days.


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